Alta recently completed the public engagement process on the first Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Washington State University. The outreach was conducted through two primary means: (1) community open houses and (2) an online survey. Both methods were designed to hear thoughts on the existing walking and biking conditions on campus and throughout Pullman in general. There were two community open houses held at different locations on campus. Between the 2 events, nearly 200 people (with a good cross-section of students, faculty, and Pullman residents) dropped in, while the online survey attracted over 1,300 respondents. Interesting findings include:

  • Weather (cold and snowy in the winter / hot in late summer) and the topography (Pullman is made up of 4 separate hills, WSU is on College Hill, appropriately enough) were identified as the Top 2 barriers to walking and biking more
  • 45% of survey respondents drive and park on campus in their typical journey to work
  • There was almost an equal distribution among respondents on the (self-identified) spectrum of bicyclists from confident in all situations to not comfortable riding in traffic
  • The most desirable improvement was more off-street paths to complement the existing trail system

Question: Where are people coming from in Pullman? Answer: Everywhere!

We are now wrapping up the Existing Conditions report and moving directly into recommendations.