Puget Sound Bike Share – the Excitement Builds on all Levels

Bike Share, Northwest

by Fred Young, Seattle

Everyone is excited about bike share coming to Seattle, and I mean everyone. Two weeks ago cement trucks headed to the construction site around the corner from the office queued up on our block all day. Later I found out that 83 cement trucks passed by that day. Late in the afternoon, a driver jumped out of his truck and ran over to our office. As I opened the door, he said, “I have been driving by here all day and I just have to ask if you are the ones responsible for bringing bike share to Seattle.”  You all know this conversation could have two very different outcomes, so I cautiously explained our role in bike share and all of the other things we do. Well, this driver of cement trucks for the past 26 years is a huge fan of bike share and is excited to try it out next year. The following day with no cement trucks rumbling by and in an effort to deal with the blistering heat of a Seattle spring day we propped open the front door. About mid-day a person walked into the center of our office and started asking questions about bike share, before introducing herself as Sally Clark, president of Seattle City Council. We answered her questions and had a good conversation about bike share and other projects Alta is involved with in Seattle. Those are just two stories from our daily encounters with people asking about bike share in Seattle. I have yet to talk to anyone who is not excited about the program.

Fred Young

About Fred Young

Fred Young is a Landscape Architect for Alta based in Seattle, Washington. He specializes in urban bikeway, bridge, and trail design. Some of his projects at Alta include work on the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan Update, the Northgate Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge, and the Broadway Streetcar Extension.

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