OUTREACH: A Mnemonic Update from the Alta Programs Team

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Jessica Roberts

by Jessica Roberts, Principal, Alta Programs Manager

A fun look at what the Alta Programs team has been up to, all the way from Astoria, OR, to San Francisco and Chicago.

O is for these great ODOT Safety Brochure Titles:

  • Real Men Call a Cab
  • Ever Get the Urge to Mow Your Lawn at 2 in the Morning?
  • Mommy, Mommy, Are You Asleep?

  • Say, You’re Not From This Planet, Are You? (youth bike manual)

  • Warning: This Vehicle is Not Equipped With an Autopilot

  • Traffic Signals: Myth and Reality

U is for University Programs. Our individualized marketing program at Southern Oregon University is going strong. This past month included a “Hipster Bike Ride” event, where participants wore flannel, frame-only glasses, and enjoyed free coffee tastings. We are also kicking off an individualized marketing project at the Portland Community College Southeast campus this February.

T is for Tote Bags. Since 2008, the programs team has given away more than 9,500 bags as part of our programs. We are totes into tote bags.

Chicago outreach ambassador LaKeisha prepares for an exciting day of playing Santa Claus— or rather, delivering GoKits.

Chicago outreach ambassador LaKeisha prepares for an exciting day of playing Santa Claus— or rather, delivering GoKits.

R is for RFPs. We’ve had so many Request for Proposals in the last few months; we are inspired to see how many cities are looking to improve their active commuting opportunities for citizens.

E is for Eureka, California. Cathy Cibor and Jessica Roberts recently spent some quality time in Eureka, kicking off a pedestrian safety media campaign. It’s a nice town with a challenging pedestrian crash history.

A is for Astoria, Oregon. The “Drive Less Save More: Astoria” program has kicked off, and we are so excited to work in such a neat, quirky community. Astoria has been the filming location for a number of movies, including the Goonies, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, and more.

C is for our Chicago Programs, Go Albany Park and Go Edgewater. Following the success of Go Bronzeville and Go Pilsen, we are working in two neighborhoods in 2015, so stay tuned for twice the classy branding, snazzy collateral, and creative events!

H is for Associate Planner Hannah Day-Kapell. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Spare the Air Youth program, led by Hannah, started in 2011 and just got extended to 2017. In addition, she was involved with the Youth for the Environment and Sustainability Conference (YES), which gathered middle and high school students in the San Francisco Bay Area to take action on environmental sustainability issues.

Flyer for the YES Conference in San Francisco, CA

Flyer for the YES Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Jessica Roberts

About Jessica Roberts

Jessica is a Principal at Alta. She manages programs and projects around the country that help people drive less and walk and bicycle more, including SmartTrips programs, Safe Routes to School programs, and Transportation Demand Management. She and her family enjoy bicycling, walking, and taking transit together as part of their car-free lifestyle.

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