OCTA Districts 1 & 2 Bikeways Strategy 1 of 2

Last week, after months of project team meetings, outreach events, and a bikeways workshop, we submitted the Draft Districts 1 & 2 Bikeways Strategy to the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). Developed collaboratively with the staff of 13 cities, the Strategy summarizes eleven regional bikeways throughout northwestern Orange County in Southern California. The first public workshop (photo above) was attended by six members of the OCTA Board of Directors and additional elected representatives from project cities, illustrating the depth of political commitment towards bicycling in what is traditionally a very car-focused planning environment.

The corridors were scored against eight criteria: economic efficiency, trip demand, level of traffic stress (LTS), reported collisions, completes the corridor, completes the network, public input, and physical constraints. For economic efficiency, the team used the NCHRP bikeway benefit-cost analysis methods. The result of the multi-criteria analysis is a ranking to select corridors for further feasibility studies.

Following agency and public input, the Strategy will be finalized later this summer, and feasibility studies for the top ranked corridors will begin. Below is an overview of the 11 draft priority corridors, one of several maps Alta created for the project.

Principally delivered through Alta’s LA office, this project is an excellent example of effective collaboration across multiple offices. San Diego led the Household Travel Survey and GIS / collision analysis and strategy development; Berkeley led mapping and LTS analysis; and Portland led toolkit and boards graphic design.

OCTA Districts 1 & 2 Bikeways Strategy 2 of 2