Missoula and Jackson Hole Bicycle Wayfinding Programs Find their Way into the Hearts of their Communities

Mountain West, Wayfinding and Signage

Alta is working with Merje Design on a comprehensive wayfinding system plan for the City of Missoula. This project is still in the concept stage, but the City is keen to take their bicycle and trail wayfinding signage to the next level. This will build off the momentum generated by our signage designs for Jackson Hole, which is going to the fabricators over the next month for summer installation. Click here to learn more about these services!




Natalie Lozano

About Natalie Lozano

Natalie is the Director of Marketing and a member of Alta’s Board of Directors. She also served for several years on the Board of Directors for the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), and held the roles of Vice President/President Elect, Director of Programs, and Director of Membership.

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