by Brad Davis, Planner, Alta Planning + Design

Every year, there is an annual pilgrimage/ride to the state capitol. The ride starts in neighboring cities and gets a police escort the whole way. It’s a whole mix of folks, including several local and state elected officials.

The ride is scheduled for the end of the legislative session every year (this year’s ride was today, March 18, 2014) and typically there is a bike-related bill to influence. In years past, the ride has resulted in the Georgia Department of Transportation adopting a Complete Streets policy (one of best in the country). This year, however, there are no bike specific bills to support or oppose.

This year, I also had a bit of a surreal moment. During the pep rally, I heard the facts from our (Alta’s) Silver Comet Trail Economic Impact Study quoted. Our work can have an impact in so many ways. This year, it was blasted from the steps of the state capitol to encourage more funding for trails. So cool.

Atlanta is unique in that our biggest city is also the capital, which helps organize a big ride, but it would be interesting to find out if there other states that do a similar ride…

But if you would like to know more about Georgia’s Ride to the Capitol, click here!