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Alta Planning + Design has begun its work delivering a series of two day workshops on bike share planning to five communities selected by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Bike Share is one of three new modules being offered by the EPA as part of it Building Blocks technical assistance program. Alta staffers Matt Berkow, Jeff Olson, Adrian Witte, Charlie Denney and Phil Goff are all involved in this project. Jeff and Matt completed the first workshop in New Orleans in mid-April. It was a great success and the bike share concept was greeted with enthusiasm from the public, agency staff as well as political leaders. The excitement even led to some very tangible funding opportunities.

Adrian and Matt were in Colorado last week conducting workshops in Fort Collins and Denver. Fort Collins is looking to build on its current bike library (which is an amazing resource that offers residents and visitors the ability to borrow a bike for up to three days for free!) and is considering a station-based bike share system to serve a wider geographic area, more trip types, as well as complement its upcoming BRT line. It was 20 degrees and snowing for our entire visit! We then headed down the road to Denver, which was a unique event in that Denver already has a B-cycle bike share system. We greatly enjoyed working with the staff of Denver Bicycle Sharing (the non-profit operator of the system) to convene a group of stakeholders to set a course for the next few years of bike share in Denver. Finally, Matt and Phil will be in Portland, Maine next week and Bridgeport, Connecticut the week after.

Alta Senior Planner Matt Berkow leads a public workshop to educate communities about the workings of bike share.

Alta Senior Planner Matt Berkow leads a public workshop to educate communities about the workings of bike share.

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