It’s July, and all month long we’ll be celebrating Alta’s Programs services! Not sure what that is? Read on…

You may know Alta Planning + Design for our active transportation plans, our street and trail design work, and/or our engineering and construction management. You may even know some of our specialty service areas like modeling and analytics, economic benefits assessment, or wayfinding.

But did you know that Alta also has a dedicated Programs Team that delivers stellar education, encouragement, and media campaigns? That’s right – our colleagues’ work ends once the facility gets built. But what happens after the ribbon cutting?

Perhaps you need to let people driving and biking know how to use new facilities like cycle tracks, bike boxes, or two-stage left turn pockets. We can help! Our team can design a media and outreach campaign to address this.

Do you have a problem with drivers not yielding to pedestrians in your downtown? Let us help you create a custom education campaign.

Maybe you have a new trail that’s attracting such high ridership (yay!) that you have some trail user conflicts to address. We can help!

Or perhaps your city wants to help people walk, bike, and take transit more often. Our award-winning individualized marketing programs have done just that for over 35 communities – with proven results.

Basically, when you need to talk with real, live people about active transportation, that’s where Alta’s Programs Team comes in. We work on Safe Routes to School, Transportation Demand Management, media campaigns, educational curricula and services, business services, university and military base programs, branding, maps, and much more.

All month long you’ll be learning more about how we help create active communities. Follow along on all our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) with the #AltaPrograms hashtag. Please feel free to contact Programs Director Jessica Roberts anytime to discuss what we could do for your community.