by Mia Birk, Principal, Alta Planning + Design/Alta Bicycle Share

Four summers ago, we launched Melbourne and Capital Bike Share, and a year later, Hubway. With these systems, Alta further fulfilled our mission of creating active communities where bicycling and walking are safe, healthy, fun, and normal daily activities. The launch of Bike Chattanooga followed in 2012.

And then came Citi Bike!

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the U.S.’s largest, first and only 100% privately-financed bike share system, Citi Bike.

One year later, here we are, building in strength, learning, improving, and most of all, proud of the impact we are making on NYC, thanks to all who have traveled almost 15 million miles on our bikes. Check out these stats:

One-year ago, though, there was more going on than just the Citi Bike launch. In Chattanooga, our smallest system was hosting the USA Pro Cycling Championships, with Volkswagen as a sponsor. This year, Bike Chattanooga, equipped with better software, more ambassadors and volunteers, continued support from Volkswagen, and outreach support from the non-profit People for Bikes, saw record-breaking usage!

Last year this time, we were also preparing for Chicago’s Divvy Bike Share launch, which took place just a few weeks later, as well as CoGo and Bay Area Bike Share, which followed in quick succession. What a year! Today, our collective Alta impact – including our newest system, Bike Toronto – stands at more than 30 million miles traveled. That’s more than 1200 trips around the earth, more than 1 billion calories burned.

Happy anniversary and thank you to all our staff, for all your hard work, patience, and dedication.